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Carry Bag for Roll-a-Table@, and hangs as additional table pouch, Black

  • $9.00

The new Table Bag performs double duty for your Roll-a-Table®:  It securely holds the table when rolled-up and it forms an additional hanging table pouch when the table is set-up.

As a carry bag, the new table bag has hemmed slots on each side of the handle for quick & easy loading of your Roll-a-Table®.  

As a 2nd table pouch, the new table bag hangs on the opposite side from the built-in table pouch and effectively doubles Roll-a-Table®'s gear storage space.      

Products Specifications:

Color: Black 

Weight: 10 Oz

Bag Dimensions: 38"Lx 12" T 

Includes handle, and two webbing-hooks for attachment to the legs of Roll-a-Table® 

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