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Our Story

Camp Time® was founded in 1981 by its CEO "Dave" who took a challenge from his buddy "Mel" to develop a new type of portable table without all of those sharp corners that scratched holes into the tubes of their inflatable boats. Mel said: "Dave, you won't be able to get the price low enough to attract enough buyers to make your business viable." But 35 years later Dave said "Mel, we're still here, but oh has it been a challenge!"

Today, Camp Time®'s hungry crew makes all those nice Roll-a-Table®'s, Roll-a-Cot®s, Roll-a-Stool®'s, and Roll-a-Chair®'s right here in Spokane Valley, Washington.  

It is Camp Time®'s continuing goal to keep producing the highest quality, most portable and best camp furniture right here in the USA.