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Jumbo Stool™ (4 Legs)

  • $39.00

Jumbo Stool™
  • -All the features of the Roll-a-Chair® without the back
  • -Opens instantly to 14"W x 14"L ( 19" Diagonal). The Regular Jumbo Stool is 19" high and has best ergonomic fit to full sized tables and adults over 6 feet tall.  The Short Jumbo Stool is 16" high and is best for folks under 6 feet tall. The Tall Jumbo Stool is 22" high and good for people who want to sit tall like a directors stool. 
  • -Includes adjustable shoulder strap for hands free carry ease
  • -Strong aluminum alloy frame.
  • -Quality made in USA by Camp Time® Inc.


Weight: 2 pounds 

Set Up Height: 19”H

Seat size: 14"x14" Square

Folded Dimensions: 

Short Jumbo Stool:

Folds to 23" long x 4" diameter for 16" high Jumbo Stool.

Regular Jumbo Stool:

Folds to 26" long x 4" diameter for 19" high Jumbo Stool

Tall Jumbo Stool:

Folds to 28" long x 4" diameter for the 22" high Jumbo Stool.

Capacity: 300 pounds

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