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Roll-a-Stool ®

Strong 3 and 4 legged stools for all your outdoor adventures:   Multiple colors in airy mesh or royal blue nylon.  Three-layered welded seats and 6 ply seat attachment tips for durability.  Strong aluminum legs with each leg internally reinforced at its center rivet using 5" long aluminum inserts (Pack and Mini-Lite employ hardwood dowels as reinforcements).  Except Mini-Lite, all include adjustable shoulder straps for effortless carrying over your shoulder.  Multiple seat heights to fit your needs; 19", 16", & 13": 

19" tall Roll-a-Stool®-  1" diameter legs. 14" triangular seat.  The premier stool of Disc Golf, because they are incredible strong.  Weight is only 24 ounces, holds 250 lbs with ease.

16" tall Pack Stool (tm)-  3/4" diameter legs.  12" triangular seat.  Only 14 ounces total weight.  Ships internationally via low cost "First Class International Mail".  

13" tall Mini-Lite Hiking Stool (tm)- Lightest weight stool in the business at only 10 ounces .   3/4" diameter legs. 10" triangular seat.   No shoulder strap on this model, it is designed to be put in inside or outside of pack.  

Jumbo Stool (tm):  4 legs and a larger seat for extra weight capacity.  Holds 300 lbs with ease.  This item is the seat and frame from Roll-a-Chair® and has a higher weight rating because it does not have a back.  Same quality construction and sizing as the Roll-a-Chair®.  Multiple sizes available; 16", 19" and 22"... The 16" seat height Jumbo  fits any height user and ships anywhere in the world via low cost "First Class International Mail" because it folds into a compact bundle less than 24 inches long.  The 19" seat height Jumbo is best for use with full size tables like Roll-a-Table®.  The 22" seat height Jumbo is too tall for most users, email if you are interested.