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CampTime® Gear Bag, Size Large, for Cots + Tables + Chairs

CampTime® Gear Bag, Size Large, for Cots + Tables + Chairs

  • $21.00

CampTime® Gear Bags:

Gear Bags are made to transport and store various combinations of CampTime® products.

  • Gear Bags include a full length top opening for easy access.  
  • Gear Bags close with a full length piece of 1" wide hook & loop tape sewn to opposite sides.
  • Gear Bags are made with "See-thru" mesh fabric so  you can see most of the items in the bag.  
  • Also, this "See-thru" mesh fabric is good for storage because the contents can "breath".
  • Gear Bags have a middle handle ithat is made with two pieces of 1" webbing so it can be carried with one hand. 
  • Gear Bags also have handles at each end for use by either one or two people as needed.  
  • Gear Bags are strong with double folded + double stitched 1" wide hems and with heavy duty 1000 denier polyester mesh.  
Two sizes:  The Medium sized gear bag is primarily intended for TABLES + chairs.  The LARGE Gear Bag is primarily intended for COTS + table + chairs.
  • The medium size Table Gear Bag, measures 40" x 17" (flat), weights 13 ounces and will hold up-to "1 table + 4  chairs".  The medium chair bag will also hold two standard or two wide cots.  It will not hold longer cots.   
  • The large size Cot Gear Bag, measures 50" x 21"(flat), weights 18 ounces and will hold up-to "2 cots + 1 table + 2 chairs". 













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