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CampTime® campsite for Two

The "Chalet" is an expedition tent with special features to make a 2-person CampTime® campsite.  It holds all sizes of Roll-a-Cot®, stools and tables as pictured.  These special Chalet features include;  steeper side walls, double layered tent floor, and two vestibules. 

  • The Chalet sets up fast.  It only takes a couple minutes to attach the tent to the poles.  The tent hangs from the poles with quick-release snap hooks. 
  • The freestanding inner Chalet is 68 square feet:  98" x 98" square.  Two door vestibules each add 16 square feet for a total of 100 square feet.  There is a lot of room to outfit 2 cots, 1 table and 2 stools.
  • The Chalet has steeper side walls so that cots/tables/stools can be snuggly pushed up against the tent walls to save space.       
  • The Chalet's rain-fly has two vestibules.  Each vestibule provides an extra 16 square feet for holding stools/chairs/gear outside the main tent under the tent fly.      
  • Either vestibule door can be set-up as a sun shade awning.   The door is supported by shock-corded aluminum poles that are included.  
  • The floor is two layers thick to provide increased puncture resistance and easy clean-up because the top layer unhooks for removal.  
  • The tent poles are high quality, light-weight shock-corded 7001-T6 aluminum.  7001-T6 means the  aluminum has been hardened/tempered and "cold drawn" for exact tolerance with maximum strength.  
  • The Chalet is a 3+ season tent with extra strength to allow it to handle some snow.  Just look at the pictures with 2 inches of wet snow on its fly.   
  • The Chalet is 60" tall, high enough for easy entry but low enough for wind stability.
  • The Chalet has 8 windows and vents and each one has netting.
  • All seams on the rain-fly and floor have been seam sealed.   Stress points are double tacked and reinforced.  
  • The Chalet includes-  poles, stakes, lines, pockets, and a storage bag.  Total weight is 16 pounds.
  • In Quality, function and strength, the Chalet is an incredible deal.Ca

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